Label Focus: Déepalma Records

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Label Focus: Déepalma Records

The München based label Déepalma Records was founded in 2013 by the DJ Yves Murasca, Déepalma Records has become a worldwide brand, a melting pot of Deep House, Nu-Disco and Soul fueled with over 50 EPs and compilations frequenting the top spots in Beatport and iTunes charts, plus millions of YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify hits universally. Déepalma’s continuously evolving roster plays host to artists in Europe, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Canada and the USA – including a growing number of producers, vocalists and remix artists like Satin Jackets, Giom, Tapesh, Rosario Galati, JazzyFunk, Holter & Mogyoro, Lexer and Vanilla Ace.



What’s your thoughts label’s role in the music industry as more and more music is being streamed?

To answer this I’d like to assess at an earlier stage within the value chain. Although it is continuously becoming much easier for artists launching their own record label and releasing music on all major platforms worldwide on their own, I think that there still exists a big difference between records which are published and marketed by a professionally operating label and a semi-professional run imprint. Most of the guys who are starting their own labels nowadays have no idea what it really means running a successful label. Probably many of them think that uploading their music and doing a Facebook or Instagram post is enough. Actually it isn’t. The work of a label is beginning with the conclusion of proper contracts, followed by an effective promotion and marketing campaign and ends in the preparation of royalty statements for partners and artists, just to name the basics. Not to mention the network you need for running a record label properly. Basically it is becoming more difficult to shine out of the mass of productions, which are released every day, but in the end only the professionally working labels will be able to survive, as they know how to collect revenues from all different revenue models that exist. As income generated through direct music sales is becoming less and less it is essential to collect every single revenue stream possible and for assuring this you have to know the market and your business very well.

Coming back to the core of your question: Although not having had that opinion in the very first days of streaming I think that this new revenue model is a big chance for the whole music industry but especially for the artists and labels who are releasing high quality stuff. It can even mean a natural selection and market adjustment, as streaming – revenue wise – only works for those who generate a lot of streams per track. Shall mean: bad tracks won’t be streamed a lot, good tracks will be streamed a lot as the listeners will come back over and over again, and this can generate serious income if you have a look at the numbers. But of course there still exists the problem of shining out of the mass. My opinion is that a professional record label will be able to give artists more opportunities to manage exactly this so its role basically hasn’t changed a lot. You have to know your business and you frequently have to adjust your company’s playgrounds and implement all new revenue models that are coming up.

Do you think electronic music has peaked or how do you think it will grow?

I think as the world is becoming more and more digitalized and music is produced in a very „electronic“ way nowadays, there can’t be predicted a peak in the next years. Maybe there is coming the day when people prefer to hear purely handmade music again but in my opinion this is not very likely to happen. Electronic music is big and the development of technology will increase its popularity even more.

How does these coming months look like for Déepalma Records?

During the winter months we are always releasing more club orientated tracks. This is what we have also done in this winter. With the temperatures rising we are now slowly returning to the release of the smoother tracks for summer season 2017. Next up we have new stuff coming from Rosario Galati, David Caballero & Softpaw, who teamed up to provide “Déepalma EP Vol. 3”. Then there is coming my own first single release of the year “Right On” including Remixes by Piemont and Juloboy. After that JazzyFunk are returning to the label with their song “City Lights” together with Stage Rockers and a remix by Croatian duo PEZNT. Followed by more releases of Juloboy with “Sweet Summer Sins” including a fantastic Touch & Go Remix as well as new stuff from Ucha, Max Lyazgin and Nebu Mitte. Of course we will bring the one or other mix album again this year. Déepalma Ibiza 2017 to be the most important one.

Furthermore we are currently working on our expansion in the live-sector. Next to our booking-agency and management section we are working on the establishment of a Déepalma club concept where venues can book our artists and brand for events. We are excited about what the new year has to offer. But one thing is for sure: we have no intention of slowing down anytime time soon. Music is our life and we will continue to spread our vision of electronic music around the world.