Label Focus: Ching Zeng

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Label Focus: Ching Zeng

What made you decide to start Ching Zeng?
The label was founded by two guys from Düsseldorf/Germany which is home of legendary artists such as Kraftwerk or our friend Loco Dice.
One half of us was working as a nightclub manager and promoter, the other one was touring as club dj.
We where surrounded by a whole pool of talented artists and decided to start a little booking and management agency.
Since we needed a platform for our artists to release music we decided to start a label too.
With the first few releases it became more and more serious and we kind of followed a certain route or style…

What’s your thoughts labels role in the music industry as more and more music is being streamed?
Streaming is the future of music, whether we like it or not, that’s just the direction the whole thing is going.
There are plenty of options to monetize music so labels just need to find slick ways to reach a large audience
and to make sure your music is on as many music streaming platforms as possible worldwide.

How does these coming months look like for Ching Zeng?
At the moment we are working on our second label compilation. Furthermore we are about to release new music by our main artist 6 times DJ world champion Rafik. There is a release with DJ Cable from the UK in the pipeline as well as an EP by Berlin based producer Tapekid which is about to drop in August. Our merchandise shop is going to be online very soon. There you can get your hands on cool stuff such as slipmats, t-shirts, stickers… We already did a couple of nice label nights in Hamburg, Berlin and of course Düsseldorf in the past and there are plans to do more right after the summer.

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