Label Focus: Catch Recordings

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Label Focus: Catch Recordings

Our Last Label Focus for the year is with Catch Recordings that was founded by Brett Sinclair (Nadsat) and Rob Chadwick. Exploring the deeper more emotive sides of Techno and House.

They have a strong ethos and vision to do something different by building a network of quality artists that produce and engineer forward thinking electronic music, and have a passion for what they do, whilst delivering consistently across the board whether it be in their production or as a DJ.

What made you start Catch Recordings?

Brett: I think there were a lot of factors behind the beginning of Catch. I was an aspiring music producer and DJ based in Leeds at the time. For a relatively small city Leeds has a massive presence in the music world, you are spoilt for choice on nearly any night of the week for great artists and live acts from all genres really, this gives you a massive range of inspiration and it can be hard to showcase it all in your productions & sets. Personally I wanted an outlet to showcase the music that makes up the sound I play, kind of the music behind the curtain. There are a lot of releases on Catch that we release to not only be played/DJ’d but to be listened too at home etc. I feel that’s very important for a labels identity. Obviously it’s great to have your labels that stick to the sound that you can rely on for great club music through and through, but we never really wanted to be pigeon holed into anything. Myself and Rob have been friends for years before the beginning of Catch and it made sense to go into this together. Rob has a great knowledge for music and the industry and we work very well as a team. So, as an answer I think you could say that we wanted and outlet to showcase our musical personalities without constraints or pigeon holes.

Rob: I’ve been involved in labels since 2007, but on more of a house tip. I still have a fond love for house music but I just noticed a shift in what I was listening too, more ambient, more light dub-step cuts and then attending a number of my clients festivals like Awakenings, Dekmantel, Dockyard and DGTL, I found myself honing techno more and that married with Bretts focus too. We never pigeon hole ourselves as that would be vein, you’ll notice our trend with the releases always offer a spread of various live inspiration. Doubting Thomas stands out because he always delivers an unprecedented amount of focus on live elements rather than computer based technology. He covers all bases and that’s something we instil into the labels ethos.

Nadsat – Throwing Stones
I had to choose ‘Throwing Stones’ as it was my first track that I released on Catch. It took me 3 years, and 8 releases to feel like we were at the right time for me to showcase my own music, but over the years I had watched our sound develop and felt it was the right time for it, as the sound on Catch was relevant to my own productions.

DoubtingThomas – The Fall (Feat Valentina CX)
I’ve got to say I’m a massive b-side man. I would of loved to of picked the lead track on this EP ‘Bite The Bullet’ as that is where it all started, but for me this track is what paved the way for how we do things at Catch, it’s different and unique and I would be very happy if I discovered this on the B-Side of an old vinyl.

Bobby O’Donnell – Odds and Evens
I always go back to Bobby’s EP and listen through and think how different it is to the rest of the music we have released, it might sound odd, but that was exactly the point. Years down the line I want people to be looking through our back catalogue and see the diversity of music that we have had. ‘Odds and Evens’ has such a rich, live analogue sound, that it’s one of those records that I always hear playing and think “Did we release this?”

Olerton – Trunk Sewer (Literon Remix)
This track was repeatedly played everywhere and was picked as one of ‘Ste Roberts’ top 5 tracks of 2015 on his Hypercolour Rinse FM show so it made sense to choose this. It does exactly what you’d expect. Literon did such a good job with the remix on this, he encapsulated the sound of Olerton and made it slot straight into the EP as if it were there own.

Bob Barker – Rondel (Ryan Davis Pandora Reshape)
This for me is one of the best tracks we have on Catch. As it was in our earlier days I don’t think it gets as much recognition through us as it should, but Ryan did such a great job of turning Bob’s very dark spaced out techno into a masterpiece of it’s own.

What’s your thoughts on the labels role in the music industry as more and more music is being streamed?

Brett: I think the first question can kind of role into this. Our ethos of Catch was to be constantly releasing innovative music by musicians that deliver across the board. In the day and age we’re in with music being made more widely available by the second, it’s important to grow but also stick to your ethos whilst doing so. Although more music is being streamed and been made more freely available, we will continue to stick to what we do in regards to our releases and the way we release them on vinyl. Vinyl sales are constantly on the rise and I would hope by us sticking to what we believe in that we will progress into an inspirational label.

Rob: Our focus is to not follow a trend or a path of another. We always take a step back and look at others, acknowledge and feel inspired, however always flip the coin and try and counter the norm. Some of our artists are well known which create a base to be recognised, the lesser known acts we want to nurture and push forward with a solid output. We do small PR stints, however we wanted to grow this label organically so we can gauge who wants to listen and who wants follow. So far its been great and the feedback has been far more than we expected. When you have Laurent Garnier flapping his gums wanting more music from us, we know are doing something right. Artkft, Cosmin TRG, Lawrence and Efdemin are also loving us and that means a lot to me personally, especially the latter as Dial is one of my favourite record labels.

How does the upcoming months look like?

Rob: Whilst Brett is sourcing our music for us, I’m currently just finalising our birthday tour; we will of course complete our residencies in Gibraltar and Leeds as well as be working with DJ Mag on an event in London, working with Hyperclours ‘Louie’ mascot Ste Roberts on a show in Sheffield and then we will be hosting our first show in Berlin in April. A few festivals will also be confirmed which we can’t say to much about just yet.

Brett: We have a bit of quiet time for us now. January is always a bit of a struggle in the music industry with December being so consumed by Christmas and New Year. We’ve had 3 great label showcases through November and December and our latest release ‘CR010 Inter Gritty – Removed EP’ has just hit the shelves last week. Over the next months Rob and myself will be behind the scenes working on our forthcoming releases and European dates. As Rob said we have currently just secured our venue for Berlin for Spring 2017. So keep your ears to the ground for that.