Label Focus: Aluku Records

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Label Focus: Aluku Records

Aluku Records is a London based label focused on African House music. Run by the passionate Dj & Promoter St.Denis. With the goal to bring bringing original organic traditional and ritual rhythmic sounds from Africa, Caribbean,South America and even Asia all blended with today’s more well-known electronic/ House music locations such as Central/North America and Europe united as one. A bit like what we’re aiming to do with Rhythm Travels and therefore we present to you Aluku Records.



South African Afro House has gotten major attention around the world by DJ’s such as Black Coffee and Culoe de Song. Are they any other emerging artist we should keep our eyes on?

Talent is coming out daily in SA as its a nation behind the music with many finding it away to get out of the struggle as we know life is no joke there and like any human would want good health but sadly it comes at a cost (wealth) plus music is very much a way of life to South Africans as much as it is to eating drinking and sleeping so the natural passion and hunger is very strong . But back to the question I think guys such as Enoo Napa and Caiiro the biggest news this year and both of them got their own sound/sectors in the Afro house scene with Enoo more Afro tech /Afro deep and Caiiro bringing back the tribal sound in his own form but this time next year or after there will be another new name and if they get supported or air play by black coffee then everyone will jump on them as he is the best promotional tool for anyone in or outside SA lol same happened to the other two above but above all they both backed it consistently with tracks which makes them stand out this year above all. For me Enoo is amazing and happy to have been working with him. His sound is so diverse or should say universal Afro house which can be played to any crowed across the globe and one of the reasons why I guess guys like black coffee play his stuff a lot .

What are your thoughts on the labels role in the music industry as more and more music is being streamed?

ILond think as a label owner pushing Afro house it’s vital to push the correct sounds as we have so much different types of house music and also a lot of various Afro house sounds such as Afro Deep,Afro Tech,Botswana tribal/Deep,Afro Cuban,SA Tribal/Soulful/Deep ect,Congoleses Afro house,Kenyan Afro,Angolan Afro House,German Afro Tech,Ancestral Soul Afro ambient ,and a few others so for me as a label owner pushing the sounds it’s vital to show the different variety of the sounds under one roof . For Dj’s they have so many options to play different types of Afro house then to sounding the same to others , the combinations are amazing and no excuse to getting your own identity playing the sound which is great for the word Afro as they say .

How do the upcoming months look for Aluku Records?

For AR this year I’ve been really happy with the releases with guys like Soulem(SA) Denivel Line (ANG) and Freddy da stupid (MZB) who have a great future so some more stuff from them next year 100% the first 2017 release will be out next month (December promo) which has a very middle eastern sound but in Afro house form by a group of guys name Infiniti souls called Kokula with wonderful remixes by Enoo Napa,Caiiro and Freddy Da Stupid , Will have another various compilation vol.4, also a EnaWadan single.

I’m very unique with how I release as some stuff is really fresh and not planned years ahead while some I have been sitting on for a few years and then pops out the woodwork. All in balance I should say and looking forward again to next years projects