Label Focus: Alleanza

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Label Focus: Alleanza

Founded in 2011 my Maltese DJ Jewel Kid, Alleanza has shot its way into the techno scene from running weekly radio shows to hosting Alleanza Label Nights. The label includes artists such as Mauro Picotto, PIG&DAN, Popof, Kaiserdisco, Bart Skils, Hermanez and more.



Do you think electronic music has already reached its peak? Or how do you think it will grow?
It’s quite difficult to lay down predictions on the electronic music scene these days because it has become so wide spread and spontaneous. Speaking about the techno scene specifically, I think that a lot of countries are still discovering the “real” industrial techno and we’re seeing DJ’s being booked in cities we’ve never considered in the past.

What do you think is labels` role in the music industry now as more and more music is being streamed?
I think the role of a credible label is to both deliver consistency from the artists already on-board and also introduce fresh talent to the market. Labels now throw their own events and like us, some also run a booking and management agency. This is where the main income of the label comes these days since music is being streamed for free all over the internet.

How do these upcoming months look for Alleanza?
This year is looking very appealing for us with the launch of our Mainframe Bookings and Management Agency happening in the next couple of weeks and a whole new event concept we are working on called Revolt. Around June we will also finally see Alleanza making the shift to where we have been pointing for the past 16 months. A release schedule made up of only industrial organic techno from some of the most exciting artists in the industry.