The Godfather of Disco [Documentary]

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The Godfather of Disco [Documentary]

Pioneer. Activist. Survivor. The Godfather of Disco is a documentary based on Mel Cheren’s autobiography, My Life and the Paradise Garage: Keep on Dancin‘.

Through a series of interviews with a whos who of the dance music community, Mel’s extraordinary story is recounted.

From his beginnings in Boston to his first job at a record label in New York City. From the origins of Disco to its peak in the late 70s to its inevitable crash and the onslaught of HIV/AIDS, Mel was there. He turned his pain into power by using the music he loved most as a weapon in the fight against AIDS. Today, Mel continues to fight AIDS, intolerance, and homophobia through the power of music. Mel has seen it all, done it all, lived to tell the tale and continues to do it all.

Mel Cheren is The Godfather of Disco. [RIP]