“DJ Mackboogaloo is providing a series of articles pertaining to Roots, Culture N’ Consciousness.  We will learn the deep metaphysical principles that exist within the world of Music.   Fela Kuti, pioneer of Nigerian Afrobeat music, coined the phrase, “Music is the weapon!”  He understood the power of sound to unify & uplift the masses.  Ancient civilizations knew this secret as well.  Let’s take a look with ears wide open and explore this topic further.”  –Rhythm Travels


The word “Funk”, popularly used in urban culture has multiple meanings: 1) Cool.  2) A foul odor.  3) A genre of R&B music (James Brown, Parliament, Funkadelic, Rick James).  4) Depressed mood.  5) To freak to the point of exhaustion & ecstasy.  6) Moody.  Thus, Funk is a human state of mind which is in a state of flux, within a state of polarity (the particular state either positive or negative relating to two fixed points of reference) which we experience on our planet through struggle.  We live inside a dark matrix, a controlled consensus reality of global competition that the “Powers that Be” have put in place, for a very long time.

We think we have an honest consensus on what “reality” is, yet most of us have no clue as to what is really going on around ourselves and what’s happening to the stars in the sky.  An occasional a rainbow will sometimes materialize to briefly remind us of who we are really connected to on the spiritual planes.

We, as creative & spiritual people, musicians & artisans, Light & Heart bearers, at times, in disillusion, look around at our dull & darkened material 3D environment and individually wonder about our place in the Universe.  “What am I doing here?  I should be doing __________________.”  “ I’m in a serious Funk.”  Other times, when deeply inspired by the heat of the moment, caught in a groove, feeling good, we collectively acknowledge quite the opposite. “We got the Funk.”

On the bright side, a new positive understanding of our funky state of beingness has descended upon our groovy little planet at this time from a Higher source of Funkiness, which has been given the moniker “Hyper-Dimensional Funk”.

We are beginning to understand from Hyper-Dimensional Physics that we live in a multi-dimensional Universe where there are Higher levels of existence above our observable 3D universe, which have an energetic effect on our planet. 

Hyper-Dimensional Funk is “Funk” on the positive side of the Funk polarity that is linked into the Funky Free-Energies of Higher spiritual dimensions.  Hyper-Dimensional Funk means that you possess a Higher self that resonates faster, with greater intensity, on Higher melodic octaves within a cosmos of musical spiritual space where Rhythm Travels.

We are both transmitters & receivers of cosmic Funky Free-Energy; however, most of us do not have a Conscious understanding of this Universal Truth.  We have been DNA manipulated & conditioned to accept limitation & mediocrity.  Few have risen above the “Funk” that the majority of people have lowered themselves into. These few are riding High on Funk from the hyper-dimension.

What can be very troubling for creative & spiritual people, today’s musicians & artisans, Light & Heart Bearers living in the dense 3D world of Planet Earth, is the fact that much of their “service-to-others” has not reaped a return on their spiritualized investment in the form of money, fame, praise or good will.  It is said, that as you give you shall receive.  We initiated the cause, now where is the effect?  The answer is that the effect is hyper-dimensional and its effect is much greater on the Higher planes of Consciousness than down here on Earth in the limited 5 sense world.

The “spiritualized” creative energy of Light that we output, reaches Higher dimensions with greater speed, force & momentum than our energy released here, which is manifesting on the lower & much darker dimension.  Our creative output here on Earth measures as faint ripples of subtle energy which the programmed masses at this time are too numb to feel and too closed-minded to receive.  On the Higher dimensions, our creative output may appear as shockwaves of spiraling transformative energy.

Higher intelligences have advanced technologies and organic processes that record the vibrations of spiritual activity & creativity on our planet, at any given time.  These Higher intelligences get very excited when we get excited, the more we “follow our excitement”, as our Essassanian ET ally, Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka), would say.  He has also said that we, humans, are “masters of limitation” since we are all spiritually advanced beings who reincarnated here on Earth in order to face our own karma and temporarily experiment with the feelings of isolation, separation & fear, in order to better understand (not take for granted) feelings of group congregation, togetherness & One Love.  Upon mastering limitation we graduate out of our Earthly reincarnation cycle and return back into Oneness with the Infinite Creator.

Lack of this metaphysical knowledge can put you in a Funky melancholy mood.  If you’re a student of Self-Improvement you can successfully turn this emotion around into a positive state of Funk.

If you are a truly Conscious individual you can learn to transmute your Funky attitude out of the darkness and into the Light by leaving polarity and tapping into the hyper-dimensional mothership of Higher galactic Consciousness.

Most of our world’s brightest stars of creativity & spirituality, its Conscious musicians, artisans, Light & Heart bearers, are struggling profoundly, and some of these struggles are of epic proportions.  These people, with their hands tied behind their backs, are doing everything within their Conscious power to protect Mother Earth from the destructive ignorance of mankind.  Yet, they are taking a beating. They are paying a heavy price for taking a stand against the corruption & manipulation by those who are in “service-to-self”, the “Powers that Be”.

The truth is… Things don’t appear as they seem on this 3rd dimensional plane.  In fact, our reality is an illusion.  It’s a controlled consensus reality of relative value that operates as a mind trick.  Things are much clearer & focused in the hyper-dimension, where everything counts the most.

As our belief & consciousness changes for the better, the physics around us change.  We become powerful spiritual beings.  As we grow hyper-dimensionally, the more positive effects we will witness, experience and feel on our Earthly lower dimension.

Our collective efforts to spread Light & Love amongst our people, often do reach their intended targets, however, it’s up to the free-will of these people to accept & act upon these gifts.  It is their choice!  You have done your part in the awakening process, even if you do not feel a reciprocation of Light & Love back.  Keep spreading your wings!

There are many examples of what may appear to be a low down Funky situation here on Terra (our planet).  It appears that the people who offer the most spiritually uplifting & healing guidance for the planet struggle the most.  At the same time, people with little regard for others and who only think of themselves, seem to have the “winning” lottery tickets.  They are the ones getting the big breaks in life.  The material world looks to be skewed in their favor.  What is going on here?

The main problem facing us Light Bearers is that our collective efforts of service-to-others “appear” to be lost, covered up underneath the pressures & hardships brought on by the rock hard & stubborn 3rd Dimension.  These are tough times!

All is not lost!  The struggles we face here are illusionary, a 3D spectacle.  The world we live in is… Intelligently designed!  Struggle is a part of that design and has obviously been put there for an intelligent reason for our spiritual growth.

If we are of service-to-others, have unconditional Love, keep up with our spiritual practices, walk the walk & talk the talk, then everything in life has to eventually work out for the great benefit & advancement of you and the people that you serve.  This is a universal truth!  Hyper-Dimensional Funk is where it’s at!

As we intentionally accelerate in our Rhythm Travels and the planet increases its spin, we enter the domain of the Hyper-Dimension, in the galaxy of Hyper-Funk.  As we smoke the angelic peace pipe of the “Funkadelic Hyper-Dimension”, we move from the bottom to the top, and eventually the top converges with the bottom.  We become an invincible & invisible force field of spiritualized F-F-F—Funk.

We are the “gods of Funk” but we don’t know it.  Yet our Higher actions surely do show it, from the elevated perspective of the hyper-dimension.  We are the Funk that spawns from the funky hyper-dimension.  The tide is turning!  Funk, Funk, Funk, Funk, Funk it up into the hyper-dimensional zone of Love & Light.


-DJ MACKBOOGALOO (Music Producer/Social Activist/Prophecy Keeper)

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