Frankie Knuckles and The Roots of House Music [Documentary]

Frankie Knuckles Documentary |

Frankie Knuckles and The Roots of House Music [Documentary]

Universally considered the “Godfather of House Music,” Frankie Knuckles will be used as a lens to create a more thorough exploration of an important black genre of music.

The documentary will show the house music pioneer from the time of New York City’s Paradise Garage and Chicago’s legendary Warehouse, which is widely recognised as the birthplace of house music.

We’ll also get to see fellow Chicago house artists such as Jesse Saunders; Wayne Williams; Steve “Silk” Hurley; Marshall Jefferson; Jamie Principle; Alan King; and Farley “Jackmaster” Funk.

Frankie Knuckles passed away in 2014 but his legacy still lives on well after his death at the age of 59. Following his passing both Barack and Michelle Obama dedicated a heartfelt letter to the legendary DJ, acknowledging his contributions to the music scene in Chicago.