New #RhythmExplorer mix with DJ Technics (Baltimore)

#RhythmExplorer mix vol.5 |

New #RhythmExplorer mix with DJ Technics (Baltimore)


Glenn Brand a.k.a. Dj Technics is from Baltimore City and is one of the longest serving producers working in Baltimore Club with releases stretching back to the great days of Baltimore Club on Unrulys Hardhead records in the nineties. He’s also one of the co-founders of Club Kingz crew that included Club Queen K-Swift, Dukeyman and Rod Lee. An interesting fact is that he also produced tracks for the HBO series The Wire.

Dj Technics was the creator of the legendary Madhouse / Clubtrax mixtapes on clear cassettes which were the prototype for Baltimore Club evolution. His unique brand of Baltimore Club is very strongly rooted in Baltimore’s history of Soul, Funk, House and Disco. He’s a veteran of music and renowned vinyl lover who has provided the sample sources for many JERSEY CLUB classic tracks over the years. DJ Tameil who is the originator of Jersey Club mentions specifically DJ Technics as his biggest influence behind the Jersey Club sound. View the Jersey Club documentary by THUMP

We are extremely proud to have DJ technics to host this mixtape presenting the sound of Baltimore Club Music