Social Talk With Niclas of Bootshaus Nightclub

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Social Talk With Niclas of Bootshaus Nightclub

Bootshaus is a nightclub located in Cologne, Germany that not only books some of the biggest international DJ’s to Cologne but also brings their experience outside the venue with podcast, clothing, photos, videos and blog. They are certainly doing something good with a staggering 124,000+ Likes on Facebook, 3000+ on Youtube, 30000+ followers on Instagram. They got our attention as they where liking many of our videos on Instagram and we got impressed by the great imagery and videos on their timeline.

Niclas Aigner is the Nightlife Manager (bottom right of the picture) at Bootshaus and one of the masterminds behind their social media strategy. We interviewed him to get to know their thoughts on the new age of nightlife online marketing.

How did you get started working for Bootshaus and their online marketing?
I am working since 7 years for Bootshaus. I did my trainee here, since this time i am working for the club.

How has your event marketing changed these last years with the mobile revolution?
The event marketing changed a lot. In the beginning of my time they were a lot of smaller portals like „virtual nights“, „tonight“, „studiVZ“ and of course Facebook. These portals were used for marketing. Since around 4 years our marketing is separated in Facebook / Homepage / Instagram / Youtube/ Snapchat (and of course offline promotion).

What kind of content gets you the best engagement results?
Videos (not longer than 16secs) and emotional event pics
If you had to mention just one or two ideas, which is the most effective way to engage with fans?
respond to their feedback, trying to involve them with for example the hashtag #tagyourfriends

What has your club learned from the interaction with fans?
The attention span is getting smaller and smaller, most of the fans just want short videos, just a few seconds with maximum of impress. Its that catchy moment we are all looking for

How does your club measure the success of your digital strategy?
This is easy: On the one side we see the positive reach of all channels, on the other side we see the weekly success at the club: Since 3 Years each party is nearly sold out, last year we created / built a new room, so we have a bigger capacity.

What are some common mistakes you see nightclubs do in their social media?
Mostly they using the wrong footage: Posting flyer without any emotional connection between club & fans

In your opinion, which one sets the trends in electronic music? DJs, clubs, festivals, record labels?
First of all its the music itself by producers/djs. Record Labels have to spread the music all over the globe and after this: Clubs and festivals will involved

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Do you think electronic music has peaked or how do you think it will grow?
Right now „EDM“ has peaked, but electronic music in general will be part of all kinds of music since the „big hype“ Also a lot of sub genres will follow in the next years.

During this last decade more than half of London’s nightclubs has closed down and we’re seeing a trend of it in Europe while more and more Festivals appear. What’s your thought about that? Has this affected you in some way?
No, luckily this didn’t affected us. We also see this trend in Germany, a lot of big clubs / bottle clubs closed in the last years. People don’t like the „bigger and bigger“ concept with 5000 people and flatrate drinking anymore.

For someone who dreams about working with nightlife what’s your advice to them?
nightlife means often 24/7 – 5 days preparing, 2 days realization 🙂

How does these coming months look like for Bootshaus?

A lot of good partys: Just November and December we will have: Netsky, Sascha Braemer, Oliver Schorles, Alle Farben, Tchami, Modestep, Pappenheimer, Ferry Corsten, Afrojack, Kungs & Mike Perry


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