Social Talk With Ed of Sankeys

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Social Talk With Ed of Sankeys

One of the strongest nightclub brands within underground electronic music is Sankeys. Sankeys started out in Manchester in the basement of a Soap factory in 1994 and nearly went bankrupt within six months of its opening. Since then Sankeys has been under new ownership and numerous renovations establishing itself to become voted as the best nightclub in the world by DJ MAG 2010. You can now find Sankeys in Ibiza, New York and Tokyo.

Online marketing is taken serious by this franchise and is therefore we reached out to Ed Davis who’s their Online & Social Media Manager to know more about their thoughts and how they work on their online marketing and social media.

How did you get started working for Sankeys and their online marketing?
I’ve know the staff at Sankeys at Mcr and Ibiza properly for about 5/6 years now, i used to work for a social media agency and i signed them as a client. After the first Summer together they wanted me to join them directly and that was at the end of the 2014 summer. The rest they say is history.

How has your event marketing changed these last years with the mobile revolution?
Recent reports suggest that 80% of social media is now used on smartphones so with that we have changed our content to suit this.

Video’s are now between 30seconds and no more then 1min30secs. People are on the move and either switch off or scroll down if it’s longer than this. We also want people to share too, so with that it’s all about getting the Sankeys Ibiza USP’s out within that time scale. Facebook LIVE is also brilliant too as our social media can capture this on their phones also, it allows fans to ‘be there’.

What has your club learned from the interaction with fans?
Sankeys has always been a stripped back nightclub., it’s about the sound-system and grid lighting. Something that ours fans let us know is that they love this and they love that Sankeys isn’t going down the ‘VIP’ route.

What kind of content gets you the best engagement results?
Over time we’ve found this to be pretty simple content, the dance floor, a huge track and and even bigger drop with the strobes going off along with the whole dance floor grooving. We like to tap into the fans desire to be there on the dance floor and this does exactly that.

If you had to mention just one or two ideas, which is the most effective way to engage with fans?
With us being in Ibiza there is the above, recording the dance floor action and then there is island content. People are stuck at home, in the office, at uni, doing work etc… if they see the sun, music and beautiful people it makes them miss the island if they’ve been, or makes them excited about their first visit.

How does your club measure the success of your digital strategy?
We base it on a few things, engagement, interaction, growth and ticket conversations.

What are some common mistakes you see nightclubs do in their social media?
I wouldn’t say they are mistakes but sometimes when venues have so many events to promote it’s just line up after line up with ticket links too. It is boring for fans to see, this is why visual content works. I also think funny/risky content works but due to brand guide lines i think they play it safe so no one is upset offended. We recently had wAFF takeover our instagram and he ended up covering the after party and the content he was posting was weird but so funny. People loved it.

Sankeys Ibiza |

In your opinion, which one sets the trends in electronic music? DJs, clubs, festivals, record labels?
tricky one. I think at the moment it’s the events that are now turning into brands i.e. Enter, Hyte, Music On, El Row etc… people talk about these rather than the artists & venues as they are doing tours around the world so the venue doesn’t matter as much anymore.

Do you think electronic music has peaked or how do you think it will grow?
I remember reading this in April – “The International Music Summit today released its global business report for 2016, which takes stock of the electronic music industry over the past year. And while growth in the sector is slowing — up just 3.5 percent year-over-year, the smallest chunk of a 59 percent increase over the past three — the electronic field is echoing the larger trends of the global recorded music industry as reported by the IFPI earlier this year.“.

The market is worth $7.1billion! I think we saw a massive spike in the industry and it’s growth is slowing down but i do think it will continue to grow, maybe not at the speed we’ve seen over the last 6-10 year but it’ll keep growing. Jamie Jones said it’s the new popular music and i agree with that.

During this last decade more than half of London’s nightclubs has closed down and we’re seeing a trend of it in Europe while more and more Festivals appear. What’s your thought about that? Has this affected you in some way?
Personally i think it’s bad, when clubs close there is a void left and those people will either go to another venue or start creating their own ‘underground’ movement, which if these are illegal it causes a problem for authorities. Fabric having their license revoked was absolutely disgraceful, for me their was an agenda against them.
Festival wise, when major festivals are on, we can sometimes see a slight dip in numbers on the island and attended events. People can make weekends/holidays out of them now too so they save for that and go all out at them. In Manchester there is the Parklife Festival and they hold their ‘afters’ at nightclubs in the city, including Sankeys Mcr which i think is a good thing. I also think people are now spoilt for choice event wise and traveling around is so easy, they don’t have to keep going to their local nightclub, this is when numbers drop and makes it a little harder for the venues to operate steadily.

For someone who dreams about working with nightlife what’s your advice to them?
Networking, it’s an industry based on relationships. When was the last time you saw an advert for a position at a club/venue? They are very few and far between. Get yourself to the venues and events and start to get to know the staff their and the promoters for the events. I think social media has it’s pros and cons in this situation, it has made some people lazy and they think by liking statues and dropping people inboxes they think that is ‘networking’, but it’s also a great thing as i’ve met many people who we’ve followed each other then final arranged a beer at their event or when they’ve come to the club.

How does these coming months look like for You (or Sankeys)?
We are getting ready to open for the winter in Ibiza, 5th Nov, every Saturday for Sankeys Sábados and then once a month (Thursday) for the Unusual Suspects parties. I also have Sankeys Mcr too so i’ll be flying to and from Ibiza and the UK. We’re also working winter tours for the Sankeys brand and also Tribal Sessions, The Redlight and Dance 88/89 so it’s going to be a busy winter behind the scenes for us, plus we’re planning 2017 for Sankeys Ibiza.


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