Tour Essentials with Viktor Talking Machine

Viktor Talking Machine |

Tour Essentials with Viktor Talking Machine

Viktor grew up in a musical family on the outskirts of a small mountain village. Early on, he discovered his love for nature and analogue soundscapes. He devoured all the sounds of nature and the vastness of the Antarctic wilderness and distilled from them his deep sound which accompanies him until today.

This German DJ duo are true vinyl heads campaigning Digital Death with their sets. Between traveling country to country for gigs Viktor Talking Machine shares their Tour Essentials.

Viktor Talking Machine Tour Essentials |


Fresh Shirt:
After an eight hour set full of sweating and dancing people, all you need is a fresh shirt. Mostly they are designed by us. A good friend of us is doing his own fashion label, so we will never run out of fresh shirts.

Magazines and Books:
When you are traveling you have a lot of free time while waiting. Magazines and books are perfect for this time. During a normal week there is no space for reading, so we use our travels for some education. We are big football fans and love to be in the stadium and cheer for our team. That’s why we have this great football magazine with us.

This old analog beauty is perfect to capture all the incredible moments. For us it is a different and great way to take pictures. No worries about backups and corrupt files.

After a few weekends with dirty and broken slipmats we decided to print our own. Since then we are carrying these black beauties with us. For our music it is the perfect place to spend the night.

Teenage Engineering OP-1:
The op is a great tool for fast ideas and spontaneous sound sketches. This machine is full of magic and the sound blows you away. Totally worth its money.

Notebook & Pen:
We love to sketch ideas and write down some ideas the old school way, so we always have a notebook with good paper. The paper has to be thick and colored creme. Our notes look much better on creme colored paper.

It is necessary if we have to give some “autographs” in the new cities.

We both have the same headphones … best sound, light and nearly undestroyable. After the years we discovered, that the audio link adapter is way more important. With the adapter we can hear the same stuff and can talk directly about everything, like new tracks, demos, promos or just good music.

Smartphone charger:
No words needed … we all know the problems with playing on the smartphone and an empty battery.

The restroom of a club is always the best place for a sticker … right after the body of a person that is.

Extra needles:
Safety first!

Field recorder:
We always try to record some sounds at the places we visit. That is our way to preserve the acoustic atmosphere. Also field recordings have an important place in our tracks.

isonoe isolation system:
Goodbye feedback!