Tour Essentials with UNER

Uner Tour Essentials

Tour Essentials with UNER

Since his debut in Diynamic in 2009 until his Newcomer Dj Award in 2013, UNER has doubtlessly had the time of his life. After a whole life devoted to music, the reward comes in all levels, gigs all over the globe and his music released by the best electronic music labels; he’s a regular at labels like Visionquest, Cocoon, Cadenza, Cécille or Diynamic, the label which has released on 2014 his debut album, “432”, the most personal view of a UNER that loves house, techno, melodies and vocal harmonies, a work that shows the ripeness and grace status of this Dj and producer and has been very well received among audience and critics.

Year after year many things are happening in UNER’s life, he reaches outstanding positions in the most important Resident Advisor tops, he wins DJ Awards as best newcomer and Vicious Award as artist of the year, he gets sponsorship deals with top brands as Native Instruments, Burn or Adidas. The followed path was great but UNER’s ambition makes everything accomplished just the starting point for the next step. The results are at display, as much in Ibiza, where he actively takes part in important parties like Ants (Ushuaia) or Carl Cox The Revolution (Space), as in the rest of Europe (being a regular at clubs like Berlin’s Watergate or at festivals like Sonar) and in America, where he tours both North and South on an ongoing basis.

UNER unleashes his true potential during his gigs. His Dj-sets are powerful, burst with energy and personality, and are aimed at the dancefloor. His setup, constantly evolving, combines four decks, dozens of FXs, touch controllers and a sampler, so during his sessions only his creativity is the limit. Also his musical selection always brings some surprise, therefore his funny character so unexpected as it can be. Definitively, UNER offers a great musically experience that is hard to forget.

We took a look on what UNER`s favorite things are when going on tour – check them out below!

Tour Essentials - Uner
  • iPad: traveling a lot, this is one of my most essential items! I have a lot of books and tv shows (A special one in particular: every chapter of Cuarto Milenio). When you fly as much as I do – you need it
  • Earplugs: even when I go for dinner and drinks with friends I never leave home without them. I actually have two different pairs both by GAES. One is the 25db (which I usually wear when I’m not playing or while flying). And 9db for when I am playing: they are perfect when playing music and still have the accurate signal to do complete a perfect mix)
  • Moleskine Notebook: as I am often travelling for many months I always take my small Moleskine, it means I can easily take notes of all the inspiration I see every day, in everything I do. (I did it before on my iPhone but sometimes you forget and I like to be able to actually write things down). I tend to write every single detail of my trip (restaurants, culture details, hotels,…) It’s a kind of agenda/brainstorming backup and also acts as a great travel guide!