Tour Essentials with Michael Klein

Michael Klein Tour Essentials

Tour Essentials with Michael Klein

Dark but groovy basslines are what defines the unique sound of Michael Klein. Born in Frankfurt, the former techno capital of Germany, raised by the sounds of Cocoon and Robert Johnson, Michael quickly found his passion for gradually teasing and heavy grooves. His releases reflect a wide range of sound from raw straightforward techno to groovy dubby sounds up to experimental and complex journeys through noises.

Michael is known for energetic and hypnotising sets that combine strong programming and mixing skills. His powerful manipulative mixing style sets him apart as an artist and a DJ creating something unique for the every moment with the “right” sound that puts the crowd into euphoria and sweat.

Amsterdam Dance Event is ready to start next week and we talked with Michael about his absolute essentials when touring to his gigs – check it out below!

Tour Essentials Michael Klein

  • AIAIAI Headphones: These go everywhere with me. If its a walk in the park, watching a movie on the plane or playing out in the club. Looking good and strong in the mids so perfect for loud environments.
  • Snack: During the travel day you have to do a lot of compromises regarding food most of the time. I always travel with some healthy snack either being coconut bars or like in this case Japanese onigiri rice balls. Both are also good as an energizing snack in the club if you have a long night ahead.
  • Polaroid SX-70: I recently rethought the way I am taking pictures. I ended up having thousands of pictures with a lot of duplicates on my phone and frequently had a hard time finding the picture I was looking for in my collection. Therefore I switched to an analog Polaroid which these days are usable again thanks to the guys at the Impossible Project who manufacture new film for these cameras. Unfortunately this film isn’t really cheap but on the other hand this really makes you think about the pictures you take when traveling which I find very refreshing at the moment.
  • Stickers: This is for a new project I am working on. I cannot say too much about it yet but I already prepare to leave some of these around the world while traveling.