Tour Essentials with Melodymann

Melodymann Essentials

Tour Essentials with Melodymann

The Melodymann is a very talented and passionate Belgian producer/DJ/remixer with an explicit preference for vinyl, analog synthesizers and a vintage sound. Although his identity is deliberately kept secret, we can tell that he has had several remix projects with different aliases for world-renowned artists such as Rennie Foster, Marco Bailey, Orlando Voorn and Carl Cox.
His music resembles a soulful marriage of the best elements of Detroit and Chicago:his label Melodymatics is starting this year with a new January release  – KiNK & Fabrice Lig – Charlerloi DC EP, where he also has his own remix. Check it out –  here!

We have talked with Melodymann to find out what are his absolute essentials when touring to his gigs and performances all around the world:

Melodymann tour essentials

ROLAND MC808: Compact and lightweight. This easy hybrid sampler & groove box is still a key element in the studio today. I remember making beats with this in a hospital once!!

MACBOOK: My main storage for music, but also a necessary tool when using Traktor often in my case.

HEADPHONES: I always bring the Senheizer studio headphones, our Melodymathics DJ telephone + some earplugs for during flights. Having a variety of speakers to hear music on comes in handy while making music on the road as well.

NEEDLES/CARTRIDGES: We’ve all been there. Broken needle or no needles at all. Always bring your own !

SLIPMATS: Same rule as for the needles. We’ve all been there … No slipmats, No game !

USB/TRAKTOR/CD: Always bring backups from backups of your backups. I try to play vinyl as much as possible. But with so much new being made every day, playing digital has become crucial in getting to know your own productions.

PROMO COPIES: Always bring free gifts such as vinyl promo copies, Iphone covers, DJ telephones, mix cd’s or even demo tracks.