Tour Essentials with James Organ

James Organ Tour Essentials |

Tour Essentials with James Organ

James Organ has during the recent years skyrocketed to become a staple of the British electronic music scene. Starting his career in the Liverpool club scene he has turned plenty of heads in the process with his dark, up-front style blends all things house and tech-house through the perfect alignment of crisp hi-hats and rolling basslines. Taking the underground house scene by storm in his hometown, he is quickly becoming one of summer 2017’s “ones to watch” and with good reason.

Last year he graced the likes of We Are FSTVL, The Warehouse Project and this summer you’ll be able to catch him performing at Creamfields, V Festival, Leeds & Reading Festival.

He has released tracks on labels such as Saved Records, Decay Records, Witty Tunes and Nervous Records.

As we keep our eyes on the rising stars we got a chance to catch him between his festival gigs to find out his Tour Essentials:


Tour Essentials James Organ |


    • Music & Headphones. First and foremost, I wouldn’t be doing this if It wasn’t for the music. So, this comes first. I’ll always have a USB pen with at least 64GB worth of music on me. Alongside some HD-25 headphones. I’ve tried many other makes / models / shapes / sizes but there are none like the Sennheiser HD-25 for me, both for studio and DJing. I love these cans!


    • A loud shirt. Over the course of this year, I’ve unintentionally started a trend of wearing a loud shirt to the gig. It’s become a bit of a thing and now a lot of my mates are disappointed if I wear a normal t shirt, so for me this is essential.


    • My Laptop. Whether it be for switching up playlists last minute on the day, watching films at the hotel (not those films!), sending emails etc, my laptop always comes on tour.


    • Supra High top. This year you’ll rarely find me out of a pair of Supra high top. I love these shoes, hence why I’ve bought around 6 pairs this year. Take the Golf buggy to each stage so these stay in tip top condition on the day.


    • Ray-Ban wayfarer. Festival Essential shades. Love a wayfarer! Wolf of Wall Street style.


    • Boda Skins Leather. I haven’t had the chance to wear the Boda as much as I’d have liked to over the summer, but this always comes away. Maybe If I get booked to play in Iceland I’ll be able to get more use out of this.


    • Portable phone charger. These weigh more than they should, but when it gets to 22:00 and your phone is on 1% after trying to find signal all day, this will come in handy.


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