Tour Essentials with Egbert

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Tour Essentials with Egbert

Egbert van der Gugten is an ordinary Dutch guy, except for the fact that he is THE Dutch techno-act at this moment.
In his loft in Rotterdam, Egbert produces one great dance floor track after another. However, no dance floor can hear it. The only witness to the magic he creates are the four walls of his loft until the Dutch techno legend Secret Cinema (Jeroen Verheij) finds him online. Verheij pulls Egbert out of his loft and gives him, at age 20, a stage to perform on and a record label. It turned out to be the start of an international victory tour.


Egbert Tour Essentials |

  • Japanese eye drops
    that make your eyes white again for various situations 😉
  • Imodium pills
    Can be a life saver haha
  • Stickered bag
    So the cabin crew knows you’re an artist, and you can party with them later on

Catch him playing this years Dockyard festival in Amsterdam, Sat, 22 Oct 2016 during ADE.

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