Tour Essentials With Darius Syrossian

Tour Essentials Darius Syrossian |

Tour Essentials With Darius Syrossian

Darius Syrossian recently released his first solo EP Revolution on Mar-T’s esteemed label, Wow! Recordings.

Infamously outspoken DJ, producer, label boss and radio host Darius Syrossian has firmly positioned himself as one of the UK’s finest recent exports. Past releases on the likes of Yousef’s Circus, Steve Lawler’s VIVa and Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations presented him the opportunity to showcase his skills in the studio, whilst an ever-hectic touring schedule including a current residency at Sankeys Ibiza, has seen him demonstrate his prowess behind the decks too.

We managed to catch him between the flights to share his Tour Essentials!

Darius Syrossian Tour Essentials |

Tascam Audio Recorder: I always have to have my Tascam audio recorder with me. I can record all my sets live which can be to upload to my Soundcloud or even if I’m doing my radio show to interview other artists.

Portable Charger: Sometimes I am doing 2 flights to get to a gig with a long connection, and in between I’m working on emails with my manager and agent or on press, so my phone battery takes a hammering. This portable battery charger comes in extremely useful!

Adaptors: One thing you could easily forget is adaptors! You can have your clothes, music, everything else, but you could be in Europe one night and the next south america! Without adaptors, you cant use your laptop, phone, sort your music so if these stay in the box, you never have to worry about wasting time to find an adaptor when you arrive.

Hand Sanitiser: Everyone always laughs at me for always having hand sanitiser, but then when it comes in handy I always remind them why I have it. Sometimes you play festivals and there isn’t any water close by and you need to stay fresh and clean. Or on flights, planes are proven to be one of the most unhygienic places, they come in very useful on flights.

Vinyls: From working 15 years selling vinyls to djs in a record shop, I have a 12 thousand strong collection, and depending on what the gig is I always take about 20 to 30 of these secret weapons I have that were never released on digital. It gives your set added spice and a cutting edge, also i love playing vinyl in my sets anyway.

Listen to his EP here.


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