Q&A with Mela Murder

Q&A with Mela Murder | RhythmTravels.com

Q&A with Mela Murder

 If you know about Major Lazer you have definitely noticed one of their dancers Mela Murder.

The New York based dancer have been touring the world with Major Lazer for the last years and they are just finishing tours in Australia and Africa. Part of Major Lazers success lies in their energetic and impressive live shows where Mela Murder is a big contribution to the show with her stage presence.

After seeing her live with Major Lazer we got curios and wanted to know more about her so we asked her to be in our Q&A:

  • Where do you feel at home?
    My whole family and me are from Brooklyn I was born and raised there, I’ve been living in Staten Island since I was 14 and I’ve been on my own since I was 19 in a couple different spots but there’s no place in the world more comfortable then my moms house in Staten Island. I walk in and I feel exactly how I did when I was 16. she cooks for me and cleans up after my messes  lol. I’m a mommas girl, she spoils me 🙂 So yea.. Mommys house.
  • Where do you want to travel next?
    I’m torn between Greece and India. Greece for me is the ultimate romance get away, it’s absolutely beautiful from what I’ve seen in pictures and in movies, also it just seems like a dope place to relax with your boo.. Who wouldn’t want to experience that? And I wanna go to India for meditation honestly. I really wanna connect more with myself spiritually. I admire the culture and I’ve also been into Bollywood since young, my favorite movie is Devdas. Yea, India is mad dope. Hopefully it’ll happen soon!
  • What’s your favorite party spot?
    Really tho, I don’t party at all anymore. Because my job is basically partying the best way in the best places with the best people all the time.. Not even trying to brag but dead ass…… So when I’m home Im completely uninterested in going out. BUT! When I was young there was this spot on canal street called MOOMIA!! Ah! Literally the best dancehall party! It was a 2 floor Egyptian themed hookah bar and on Tuesdays we would turn up! Like all the way up! Tuesday was the most turnt up day of the week because of moomia. It got shut down a few years ago .. So depressing RIP MOOMIA