Q&A with Floyd Lavine

Q&A with Floyd Lavine | RhythmTravels.com

Q&A with Floyd Lavine

Floyd Lavine has somewhat of a different musical past to most techno artists. His early influences and loves stem from a more soulful, hip hop inspired realm. He grew up on the sounds of Marvin Gaye, 2 Pac and Stevie Wonder. In his late teens Floyd discovered the rhythms of house and techno music. The world of Daft Punk, MAW and Kerri Chandler were introduced to him and electronic music engulfed him completely. After growing up in South Africa, Floyd moved to London to explore and study music, and develop himself as an artist. He now co-owns Uberbeat Records, and was one half of Live Tech Rebelz – a production duo with numerous EP releases. Floyd Has had the pleasure of showcasing his unique talent at some of London’s premier events and venues, including Glastonbury, Get Loaded In Park, Unit 7, Zombie Ate My Brain, The End/AKA, Platinum, Excuse the Mess, Crèche and Jaded. After 6 years living in London Floyd has moved back to South Africa to be part of the exciting new underground scene that is fast emerging.

  • Where do you feel at home? Well Cape Town South Africa is where i feel most at home , even though i’ve lived in the different part of the world Cape Town is a city that resonates with my soul, I can go from my house to the beach in less the 10min or climb on top of Table Mountain one of the 7th wonder of the world in 2 hours . pretty special place.
  •  Where do you want to travel next? Next is going back to Berlin and Amsterdam , I have special relationship with both those cities , Berlin is my type of european city , the music , vibe , the energy and creativity flow in parts of berlin , and Amsterdam is City i still need to discover the last i went was too short . oh ya and Barcelona aaaa love that city .
  •  What’s your favorite party spot The RoofTop of Dream our monthly party in Cape Town , best party awesome crowd and the best view from the roof top of the Ressidon Park inn hotel .



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