Q&A with DJ Edgar – High Quality Baile Funk

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Q&A with DJ Edgar – High Quality Baile Funk

DJ Edgar “Baile Funk with High Quality” originates from the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he started his DJ career in the early 90’s as a DJ for the sound system “Furacão 2000”, one of Rio’s biggest and most known Baile Funk sound systems.

An ambassador for the genre and culture by touring extensively in various countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland, Holland, England, Austria, Belgium among many other countries, spreading the sound of the favelas.

Edgar performance consist everything from classic Miami Bass to Baile Funk to Post-Funk, switching between live MPC performance and turntables skills. His music has been in numerous collection by Brazil and Europe. Three tracks of his productions has been on an episode of “City of Men”.

His solo EP is entitled “Baile Funk Masters 3” and participated in the project with three tracks “Bossa do Morro” Released by Daniel Haaksman of Man Recordings and Universal Music.


  • Where do you feel at home?
    My BAILE FUNK music has showed me 35 countries and I hold all dearly in my heart. But Rio de Janeiro is where I’m most happy. My house, my home, my story, my Family is very important to me. Outside of Rio de Janeiro I have the habit of saying that Stockholm, Sweden is my second home. I love this place.
  • Where would you like to travel next?
    I just got back home from my 15th European tour but I’m waiting for the invitation to play in the USA, I’m yet to perform out there even though my music plays there. I’m waiting for this.
  • What’s your favorite party spot?
    I do not have a favorite party. But I love playing outside of Brazil for non-Brazilians. I enjoy playing for different people then from my usual crowd. Festivals like Festival de Liege, SpringFestival in Graz, KVS, Low Up and Recyclart in Belgium, whenever I play there the party gets a VERY HOT, I Love it !!!



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