Q&A with Daniel Haaksman

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Q&A with Daniel Haaksman

Few individuals can claim to have done so much for musical exchange across the globe as Berlin based DJ, producer, journalist and label head Daniel Haaksman. In 2004,  he released “Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats” which presented the sound of Rio´s favelas for the first time to a global audience. Today, “Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats” is considered a classic, which also birthed the international  genre term “Baile Funk” (in Brazil, the music is called “Funk Carioca”).

On his label Man Recordings, Daniel has released various original Baile Funk artists such as Deize Tigrona, Mr.Catra, Tati Quebra Barraco, Gaiola Das Popozudas amongst others as well as international adaptions of the sound. Recently, Man Recordings has been opening to other regional urban sounds from South America and Africa. Daniel also runs a weekly radio show called “Luso FM” on German radio station Funkhaus Europa in which he presents urban music from the lusophonic world (=the Portuguese speaking countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Capo Verde, Brazil and Portugal).

Today, “Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats” is considered the main reference when it comes to baile funk. Parallely, Haaksman created the genre term “Baile Funk” for the mad beats of Rio (in Brazil, the music is called “Funk Carioca”).

As we are big fans of Baile Funk (Watch our Baile Funk TV channel) we had to reach out to Daniel Haaksman.

  • Where do you feel at home?
    If you define home by geography, I feel at home everywhere.  I was born in Rome, my father is Dutch, my mother is German and I’ve lived in various countries. Travelling has been a steady part of my life for the last decades, either out of curiousity to explore other countries, or professionally, to DJ there. If you define home as a sentiment, I would say home for me is where music is. Music has been a steady companion since early childhood and through music I always found strength and energy when feeling lonely or alienated, especially as a child, so music is and will always be my home.
  • Where do you want to travel next?
    I would like to travel next to Moçambique and the Capeverdian Islands to explore the local music styles there. I´ve been a die hard fan of Brazilian music for years, but lately I dived deep into music from other Portuguese speaking countries. I´ve been to Angola twice and absolutely loved the music and nightlife there, so the next goal is to visit more of the Portuguese speaking countries in Africa, since I´m frankly a bit bored by the increasingly nostalgic music coming out of Europe or the US. In contrast, music from the lusophonic world is very dynamic, future oriented and innovative, there´s no looking back, so these are very exciting places to travel, especially if you´re into music.
  • What’s your favorite party spot and why?
    Oh there´s many spots I love to party at: Tel Aviv certainly used to be one of the best places to party. It´s a beach city, there´s sun ten months a year, Tel Avivians are very communicative and hedonistic and Israeli women are the most beautiful in the world. Lately, the club and party scene has unfortunately shrunk, there used to be more niches and the city was less business-driven, still, you can always have a great party in Tel Aviv. Recently, I had great parties in Warsaw, people there are really up for a good time. In Melbourne a couple of weeks ago I was surprised to see a very diverse night life and I had a great party in a backyard in downtown on a Sunday night. The craziest parties however I experienced in Rio, but you have to look for private parties or parties in the favelas.



Luso Fm Radio show

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