Q&A with Boddhi Satva

Q&A with Boddhi Satva | RhythmTravels.com

Q&A with Boddhi Satva

Starting off our Q&A series we present Boddhi Satva.
A DJ, Producer and Organizer of ‘Offering Got Soul Weekender‘ in Dakar, Senegal.

Boddhi Satva hails from The Central African Republic who trough his ‘Ancestral sound’ have open the doors for the Afro House scene and African Electronic Music to be recognized throughout the world.

His main goal with OG Weekender is to present the vibrant West African electronic music scene to the world outside of Africa. In that way bring more tourists for the continent.  Stay tuned on Rhythm Travels for OG Weekender in 2014!

As a frequent traveller and performer we wanted to know more about the DJ, Producer,Music Pioneer.

  • Where do you feel at home?
    When i’m not in Central African Republic i do enjoy places like, Lisbon, Montreal, Doha, Nairobi and New York.
  • Where do you want to travel next?
    I’d love to visit Nepal and Tibet, because of the beauty of those countries but also because of the cultural wealth they have and trying to get up close and personal with their traditions.
  • What’s your favorite party spot?
    There’s a few, but i’d say Luanda, Angola is amongst my favorite. Angolans are deep into their rhythms so it’s always a great musical journey. Doha would be another of my favorite places where i literally travel musically through genres of music i enjoy and don’t always have the chance to play in other countries.

Ancestral Soul Interpretations (Pt.2) (Free Download)

Oumou Sangaré – Ngnari Konon