Q&A with André Hommen

Q&A with Andre Hommen | RhythmTravels.com

Q&A with André Hommen

“If I had to describe what house music means to me – it may sound vague – but all I can say is, house music is my motherland, my home… in the figurative sense, it’s like a place where I really feel at ease.” A strong statement from DJ André Hommen, who has probably seen hotel-rooms just as frequently as his own four walls of late. He has already traveled extensively with trips all over the world. He has played at clubs throughout the globe including the world’s bests clubs like Berlin’s premier addresses “Watergate” & “Panorama Bar”, the legendary “Space” in Miami, the famous „Cavo Paradiso“ on Mykonos or Jakarta’s well known “Stadium” club, just to name a few.

André Hommen was introduced to the music he loves through seminal radio-shows which opened the doors to a world of music. On one of these days he made his decision: House music with its warmth and its groove is the sound which shall become his musical home. André Hommen started mixing by himself; at first in his bedroom but soon at some underground parties such as Radio DJ Mike Litt’s “Sonntagserlebniss” event.

He is now part of the administrative and creative team behind Dennis Ferrer’s New York City based Objektivity imprint and has had the opportunity to develop projects by artists including Ferrer, Argy, The Martinez Brothers, Loco Dice, Henrik Schwarz and more.

André Hommen rarely spends time at home these days with a calendar that is fully booked months in advance either as a solo DJ or as touring partner for Dennis Ferrer which makes him a perfect candidate for our Q&A.

  • Where do you feel at home?
    I am never really homesick so I easily feel at home even on the road as long as the hotel is kinda decent ; ). But I REALLY feel at home where I actually grew up and where I almost spent all my life. It’s a very small village in Germany called Nettetal, right at the border to The Netherlands with many cows + horses AND slow internet.
  • Where do you want to travel next?
    I am really happy to come back to Dominican Republic for Groovefest. The first edition in 2012 is still stuck in my head and was a great experience including a legendary after party in the club. So thats where I really want to travel next and luckily it’s almost next ; ). Apart from that I would love to finally go to Australia as that is the only region where I have never been so far. Hopefully next year…
  • What’s your favorite party spot?
    Well normally I would say Ibiza as that’s where it’s really happening during the summer. But since everyone is saying Ibiza, I will say Tokyo. I’ve been there last year for a whole week (and also for the first time) and played at the legendary Vision club. Such a great experience in such an overwhelming city. The party went totally crazy and the people were so happy, you were able to feel that everyone hat a great time during the whole night. Probably the best gig ever… can’t wait to go back there.



Watch André Hommen at GROOVEFEST the All-inclusive Festival in Dominican Republic!