Off the Record: Scoom Legacy – Resilence EP

Scoom Legacy Off Record

Off the Record: Scoom Legacy – Resilence EP

Artist: Scoom Legacy
EP: “Resilence”
Release Date: 5th August
Label: Solar Distance


To find out more about the artist`s plans for the future and sources of inspiration – check out the short interview below!

What inspired you for this release?
I’m a big fan of Sci-Fi films and series… and they always inspire me to create daring combinations. As it was for Solar Distance, I thought that EP should sound like a space journey given the basis of the label and its artwork.

How do these upcoming months look for you?
Really promising, already we’ve booked the first dates to play at some amazing festivals where I’ll present the album, and I’ve got great support from friends, other artists and my family, so I’m very excited about this new project.