Featured Interview: Chus & Ceballos

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Featured Interview: Chus & Ceballos

Chus & Ceballos are legendary DJ and production duo hailing from Spain. Their sound is a unique blend that has made them one of the most in-demand acts across the globe.

What are the elements of Flash that separate it from the average clubs and keep bringing you back to the United States capitol?
Its a place that is all about the music, it has almost the perfect conditions of sound, lighting and ambience for the enjoyment of DJ’s and crowd, the small size create an intimate connection with the DJ that is not possible in bigger clubs. All the stuff is super friendly and help you to feel as part of the community of Flash when you go there.

Name a couple of other Chus & Ceballos certified clubs in the US that our readers who live or are traveling in the states should check out?
Output In Brooklyn NY, Heart Night Club in Miami, Sound & Exchange in Los Angeles, Audio in San Francisco are one of our favorites in the US, worth a visit 🙂

For those that may not be as familiar, what is the Iberican sound and how prevalent has it been in your production and performances? Are some performances more Iberican-heavy than others?
We found the word ‘Iberican’ to tell the people when we started who we are and where we come from, since there was a very interesting and unique musical movement happening in the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal) when we start making music. Our sound has continued to evolve over the years, but is a fact that we maintain our essence and the Iberican touch that identifies us, where percussion and rhythm are inseparable elements of our style. In all the performances we imprint that essence, doesn’t matter if we play deeper or heavier, is always there 🙂

What are your primary inspirations, musically or otherwise, that you incorporate in your production? Have they changed over the years?
We are two different guys with different influences but our common path was with no doubt the american House music of the late 90’s, having Danny Tenaglia like the biggest inspiration, followed by the portuguese DJ Vibe and labels like Twisted, Tribal America or Yoshitoshi, that was managed by another big name that meant a lot in our careers, Deep Dish (Sharam & Dubfire). Put in all that in the blender with some Classic House and some early Techno, you get Chus & Ceballos sound.
Electronic Music is in constant evolution, this is a exciting part that DJ’s and producers have to face, to keep experimenting and growing is essential part of our job to keep our sound fresh. Our style has naturally evolved between house and techno since day one of the Iberican Sound, turning right now in an stage were you can find more musicality in our sound, but keeping the groove and our organic-ethnic signature elements

With over a decade of touring under your belt, what keeps you motivated to play a busy schedule year-in-and-year-out?
Music for us is not a job, is a way of live, is what we like the most in this planet. We feel real happiness when we perform and see the big smiles on people faces, we forget about the down part of all the annoying traveling. The production music work comes together, we couldn’t conceive to just play without making music, its a full way of expression. DJ’ing and producing is a never-ending learning process, that challenge and the fact that we always want to bring new things to our audience keep us fresh and motivated.

The Stereo Productions label has other prolific DJ’s and producers like mainstay Danny Tenaglia and a young, explosive Rafa Barrios… who else do you recommend for your avid fans to listen to?
We have upcoming releases from great talents like Supernova, Oscar L, Vangelis Kostoxenakis, Dosem, Ramiro Lopez, Kydus, Christian Nielsen, Mathias Kaden, Loco & Jam, Stefano Noferini, Dennis Cruz, Tini Garcia, Level Groove, Pablo Say, Baum & Caal or Veerus & Maxime among others, all of them in sync with the label and also fantastic Djs and producers.

With summer around the corner, where on Ibiza or in the festival circuit should our readers be on the lookout for you this upcoming season?
Ibiza is always great, we recommend to try to make it to Space since is the last year of the legendary club, in Europe Croatia is catching up like the best summer place after Ibiza, with great festivals like Sonus or Ultra, Sonar festival in Barcelona is a must, other ones that we recommend are Exit in Serbia, Family Park in Germany and in North America Digital Dreams in Toronto where will be playing this year with Danny Tenaglia.