Featured Artist: AudioHell


Featured Artist: AudioHell

It’s safe to say you’ve taken a holistic approach to expanding your influence in dance music over the past two decades as a DJ, producer, label head of Digital Traffik, among others, and studio owner of AudioHell Department. How have you been able to effectively take on so many roles in this industry?

Being part of the world electronics industry is a difficult path and requires many skills. Being the holder of several record labels includes having contracts with the best distributions, a partnership with the best printing company, to be editor and much more. But the most important thing is to create a motivated team that represents you and your ideas. The same applies to manage the booking agency and for recording studio. I studied sound engineering and I always tried to learn from those who are more skilled than me … The key word is commitment, devotion, study. Regarding instead my DJ profession, I played with the name “Jimithesun” from 1998 until 2012, the year of my last season at Space Ibiza. Now I’m back with a new identity and a new project: AudioHell. And also here it takes same : patience, hard work and application.

Other artists are always quick to praise the Italian scene, whether the underground or in the big rooms, what is it about your home country that makes parties that much more special? What venues would you recommend to an avid listener?

I’ve contributed a lot to the development of the Italian club culture. I’ve organized parties, afterhours and I was also art director of many famous clubs for almost 15 years. What I can tell you is from the 90s to today, things have changed a lot. If you say that today the party in Italy have something more, then you had to see what was in the 90’s. I honestly am a little disappointed in how things are going in Italy: too much repression by the security forces, too many controls, too much bureaucracy. An Italian event truly amazing? Kappa Future Festival in Turin.

What are the key differences in your sound as your musical project evolved from Jimithesun to AudioHell?

The “Jimithesun” project was a Dj project with which I traveled a bit around the world. With this name I played for 4 seasons at Space Ibiza (for whom I have mixed two official compilation), I worked for 3 years with the Tresor in Berlin and I have done many tours in Brazil, Arabia, America and of course Europe. I stopped about 4 years ago to dedicate myself to the opening of my recording studios here in Italy, the widening of my record label Digital Traffik and the opening of my booking agency: WeTraffik, together with my partner Alex Henning. Especially in this last four years I applied myself to improve my studies as a sound engineer and create a new sound for the launch of the recording project “AudioHell”.

Your recent vinyl-only release, AD001, is full of great deep tech tracks like “You are not alone” and “The Green Light”, what was the inspiration behind this release?

These tracks are the first EP of my new creation: AudioHell Department, the new label of my recording studio. On this label all releases will be inspired to more electronic and analog sounds. I have ready many Ep fantastic historical producers of underground music…

You’ve had some long standing relationships with other artists like Bimas, Tania Vulcano and Jose De Divina through various collaborations. How do these relationships evolve over time and how does that affect the music you create?

I think the music is first and foremost collaboration between artists. I really like to share my studio with other manufacturers and work together on the songs. I think it is a mutual exchange of ideas and emotions. With my dear friends Massimo (Bimas), Tania and Jose I’ll have another release in november : Circus Recordings …

Having just concluded an Asian Tour that featured gigs in Malaysia, China, and Indonesia, where should fans look to see you perform live for the remainder of 2016?

Honestly my tour in Asia wasn’t scheduled. My “AudioHell” project was conceived as a live performance with analog machines and I think I will be ready in mid 2017. This is the reason why now my booking agency is rejecting several gigs proposals on Europe. But my company partner Alex Henning insisted so much for this tour as a DJ and I accepted mainly to test the Asian market and see if there were possibilities to create good partnerships.

He was right! I met professional promoters like Daniela Horeanga from Malaysia and Remy Irwan from Indonesia : two club insiders very knowledgeable about music and the different trends. Even in China, where I played all’Arkham Shanghai, I found an amazing culture club. Max Shen / Deep Wu (4x4x4x4 crew) have prepared a really great event for me. I really think Asia is the new market for the underground music  and certainly my company will invest a lot on this land in the coming months. I found fantastic clubs and people that really want to have fun… and also fashion trends focused on the world of techno! To mention a name: the chinese fashion designer Daven Zhang.


AudioHell’s ‘The King Is Back’ is out on his label Digital Traffik on 21st October