Artist Exclusive: Sascha Dive

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Artist Exclusive: Sascha Dive

Sascha Dive, already with an extensive deephouse catalogue, is slated to have a prolific 2016 through upcoming releases on Hot Creations, King Street, Deep Vibes Recordings, Rumors, and Celeste. He’s become a regular on the bill at Cocoon parties and the most heralded clubs across the globe. Sascha Dive pairs his prolific producing with a stacked tour calendar worth keeping an eye out for. He talked with us about a little bit of both the sounds he’s making in the studio as well as his recent travels.

This year looks to have been an incredibly busy and productive year so far with the amount of releases and touring across Australia, South America, and Europe. What else should people be on the lookout for in the remainder of 2016?

Yes it was definitely a good start to this year and I got to meet some very pleasant people and see a number of new and quite wonderful places. My plan this year is year to continue touring around the world and in between produce some more new releases. The first of the new releases will be my EP called “Funky Rhythm Seduction” on 8bit, the label from Nick Curly & Gorge.

That will be followed by my EP on Minimood incorporating an incredible remix from ion Ludwig. Currently I am also working on some remixes and my EP on Third Ear.

One of your recent releases, The Basic Collective EP Part 5, is the latest edition of a long running series dating back to 2007. What are the common themes that tie this EP together over all the years? What has been your motivation/inspiration behind it?

The Basic Collective EP Part 1 was my first record that came out in 2007. The Idea behind it all was to release some really basic elementary House Tracks with a dark bassline and just a few elements. Keep it simple! My motivation for each release is always the records I released previously. I always try to do something slightly more underground and deeper.  The inspirations comes from my large record collection and of course from the new tracks that I am playing at the current time.

With the FACT Pool Series having already taken place and upcoming Cocoon parties at Electrobeach Festival (France) and Sonnemondsterne (Germany), what is it that makes a Cocoon gathering so special, particularly in this time of the year?

It is difficult to pin it down to one particular thing. Playing outdoor events for Cocoon during the Summer has his own special vibe and feeling! I am really glad to be a part of it all!

One can tell by listening to your catalogue that there is a connection to the old Detroit scene, who are some other sources of inspiration for you and when can we expect you to bring your live performance back to the states?

At this moment in time a number of new artists inspire me, such as Mandar, SAM, Guiliano Lomonte, Julian Perez, Ron Obvious, Pierre Codarin, Ezekiel or Ortella, just to name a few! There are so many good producers out there!  Hopefully come the end of the year I will be back on tour in the USA – provided all the current thoughts and plans materialize! I certainly hope they do as I enjoy it immensely to play and tour in States.


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