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COASTIN’ #11 w/ SHUNGU (live) & BØA – “the Hellhole Edition”

March 04 2016


Date: March 4, 2016
Time: 11:00 pm
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It’s been already more than two years since we started thinking about a concept, that would later be named Coastin’. We started this thinking out of a feeling that there was a lack of something in Ghent and more general in Belgium. As eclecticists, listening to a lot of genres, we saw a lot of hip-hop events and urban parties, next to a lot of house & techno events. But we missed parties where you could vibe on (future) beats, bass & hip-hop as well as on more housey, funky, grimey and garage stuff, all mixed together in one night. We got inspired by international producers & dj’s as Ta-ku and Jarreau Vandal who came out with the phrase ‘Fuck genres’ and ‘Forget genres’. As listeners of Soulection Radio, we also liked the sounds of Joe Kay and his crew who mixed trappy sounds with 90s r&b and hip-hop, but also with more housey stuff as well as funk and many more.

We wanted to bring such eclectic, forward-thinking – beats- and bass-inspired – nights to Belgium, starting with the city where we lived, Ghent. After 10 editions and lots of radio shows, we can now look back at a lot of great nights with even greater sets by our favorite dj’s and producers. With Coastin’ we don’t wanna be restricted to one genre. And in 2016 we’ll keep doing this, with the aim of bringing the best eclectic, beats- and bass-inspired nights.

Our first exploit of 2k16 is this night at the infamous CLUB 69. After 9 editions with international guests, we thought it was time to put in the spotlight some producers and dj’s of our own little country. This time our eye fell on one producer and one dj, both originating from our capital, Brussels, otherwise known as the “hellhole”.

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SHUNGU (live)

First of all, we present you SHUNGU. This sympa and peaceful guy from Brussels is a beatmaker, music lover, jazz lover and hip-hop lover. He started making hip-hop beats out of love for hip-hop, which started while listening to A Tribe Called Quest more than 5 years ago. Music is everything to him and is like a drug to him. Without music, he cannot live. It’s the spiritual language for humans to him. Influenced by artists as Sun Ra and A Tribe Called Quest he creates with sample machines, analog synths and an enormous vinyl collection his own musical world where soul, jazz and hip-hop meet. We ain’t gonna spoil more, but go to his SoundCloud, let the music do the talking and make sure to be on time to check his live-set.



Next to a promising and talented producer, we always aim to invite a selector/DJ who brings something fresh to the table. For this edition we chose BØA, a good friend from Shungu, who has a refreshing approach towards the future beats & soul sound. Mixing a lot of genres into one set is what is key to Coastin’ and Bøa certainly brings this versatility. He describes his mixing as “basically releasing my current mindset and feelings, whether they are about love, anger or even childhood memories. It’s an assembly of a bunch of things I mostly keep for myself, but in a way let go and release with the music I selected. Therapeutic more than everything at the end.”


Residents :


Boomslang is a DJ currently living in Ghent, Belgium. He is a regular at popular venues like Charlatan, Club 69… and a resident at the SHUTTLEnights in Leuven and Goldfish Brussels. Next to that, he plays at forward thinking events across the country.

He is one of the founders of Coastin’, promoting innovative urban music brought by international acts.



Hyatus will bring you a refreshing mix of innovative urban & electronic music, beats, bass, trap, hip-hop, r&b, electronics, future, soul & funk focusin’ on versatility.

He’s a resident and co-founder of Coastin’. He played at events as All Eyes On Hip-Hop, Trillers, GL$ and clubs as Niche Club, Charlatan, Decadance, Millie Vanillie, White Cat, …


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4th of March 2016

Club 69
Oude Beestenmarkt 5
9000 Gent

Free Entrance

Entrance will be free, but if you like what we’re doing, you can support us by buying a Coastin’ shirt on this night <3



Oude Beestenmarkt 5
Gent, 9000 Belgium


09 69 69 69

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