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Ambassador Technics SL-1200 |

She is the Global Brand Ambassador of Technics SL-1200

No she is not a DJ or known for having a massive record collection. She is a classical pianist. Yes that’s right she plays the piano. In an article on NY times the creative director Hiro Morishita at Panasonic who owns the brand Technics says that they are not aiming the new Technics 1200 to DJ’s […]

Tresor Detroit |

Tresor’s Detroit Nightclub is in development

In august 2016 we reported that the owner of the Berlin constitution Tresor Dimitri Hegemann been in Detroit open up a Techno club in the birth place of techno. After years of location scouting Hegemann finally came in touch with the owners of oldautomobile-manufacturing factory The Packard Plant that had recently bought it from a […]

Rhythm Travels Top Posts 2016

Top 10 Post of 2016

What a great year this have been for us with a new website, team members, exclusive releases, ticket competitions, give-aways and more nightclubs to our nightclub guide. In total we’ve had 68 Artist Interviews, 24 Label Features, 3 Premiers, 1 Exclusive Free Download, 1 Ticket Competition & 1 Give-away. The most visited posts for this years counting […]

RhythmTravels Instagram

Top 10 Instagram post of 2016

This year our Instagram account has been one of the best for nightlife and festival videos all over the world wether it be a Dancehall party in the streets of Kingston, Baile Funk party in Rio de Janeiro or an Underground Techno party in Sweden. If you’re not following us as the other 7.8k people […]

SXM festival Tickets |

SXM Festival announced Richie Hawtin, Jamie Jones, Skream and many more

On the small island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean SXM festival is bringing the giants of electronic music to the paradise and inviting you too! The organizers just announced the Phase 2 of the line-up additions which include: Atish, Audiofly, Blond:ish, Crussen, DJ W!ld, Doc Martin, Francesca Lombardo, Frank & Tony, Guti (Live), Isaiah […]

Latin American Music |

Three new documentaries about Latin American music in production

The Argentinian label ZZK have for the last eight years been one of the most important labels to share new electronic latin american music such as Digital Cumbia and Electronic Folklore to the rest of the world. Started out as a group called Zizek Collective in Buenos Aires, Argentina with their own club nights they eventually […]

Fabric will open again |

Fabric will open again!

Recent news have emerged that the nightclub Fabric will open again after being shut down due to recent deaths of two 18-year old. Since its closure there has been a long process to try to reinstate their revoked license. More than 150,000 people signed a petition and a fund of more than £300,000 had been raised […]

eco-friendly vinyl |

Eco-friendly vinyl is soon to be available

We’re addicted to vinyl and have an unhealthy relationship with crate digging. What we didn’t know was that the production of vinyl is really bad for the environment. Our beloved vinyl record is made of PVC PolyvinylChloride which is hazardous to us and environment as dioxin is created from the manufacture and incineration of PVC. […]

Diskotek nigthclub stockholm |

DISKOTEK the new nightclub in Stockholm

Last weekend was the grand opening of Stockholm latest nightclub Diskotek. Behind this new development is the guys from Familjen Ahlbom that also is responsible for opening Laika, mmmmm and Moon hotel. Diskotek opened up with non other then Panorama bar resident Boris (Ostgut ton/Berghain) on Friday and on Saturday bringing the DJ Betty Mehrazi […]

Schimanski Nightclub New York |

Schimanski NYC to replace Verboten Nightclub

Couple days ago we got the pressrelease about Schimanski Nightclub to be opened in Williamsburg, NYC. Being in the mist of the holidays I didn’t take notice that this was the new nightclub to be open in the same venue as Verboten. Back in July we reported that Verboten had been shut down and seized […]