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Global Bass Music Landscape |

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Global Bass

Let’s face the question straight away: what is global bass? Is it a scene at all? And if yes, what are its boundaries and what binds it together? Or better, who decides about its boundaries and about what binds it together? I can guarantee you that if you ask three different people active in global […]

Major Lazer & Friends in Kingston

We are happy to announce MAJOR LAZER & FRIENDS in Kingston Jamaica the 19th December. Not only that we offer you a 10% discount using this code: RHYTHM Click the image for line-up, tickets and more info.

DZC Deejays |

#RhythmExplorer mix Vol.3 by DZC Deejays

We are very happy! to announce the third volume of our #RhythmExplorer mixtape series. This time hosted by Di Zona Crew Deejays (DJ 2Pekes, DJ Kuimba, DJ Matabaya, DJ Sacaninha, DJ Motello and DJ Snypah) also know as Di Zona Crew which is a talented collective of DJ’s & Producers formed in 2002 in Setúbal, […]

Borneo Bass - Jet Airess |

#RhythmExplorer mix Vol.2 by Jet Airess

Jet Airess left her career as a flight attendant to follow her love and passion for Dance Music by becoming a DJ and Producer. She hails from the Island of Borneo, where she is the most active female DJ that produces her own tunes and beats. She brings out her local sound of Trans-national Bass […]

How Music Travels |

How Music Travels Infographic

Thomson created an interactive map detailing how music travels and the evolution of western dance music over the last 100 years. The map shows the time and place where some of the bigger music styles were born and which blend of genres influenced the next. Click image to view the interactive version

#RhythmExplorer Valentines Playlist

Happy Valentines day! We put together a playlist for Valentines day with songs that we have re-shared over the time and other songs we like. Even tough you might not be celebrating Valentines weekend you still gonna enjoy this playlist! We got music genres as Zouk, Kizomba, R&B, Reggae and other beautiful sounds. Enjoy & […]

African House |

African House expanding

During my first visit to South Africa in 2009 I got hooked on its culture, and over the past three years I’ve traveled in and out to what became my favourite city in the world; Cape Town. The city has everything: Wonderful welcoming people, an interesting and vibrant culture, breathtaking (and extreme) nature, amazing weather, […]

UK Music Tourism |

UK Music Tourism

One of Rhythm Travels mission is to advance Music Tourism. To make governments and people in the industry acknowledge that this is a market and that they should put some focus on it and not ignore it like most of the popular culture or anything that has to do with young adults and youths. Visit […]

The Winner!

The winner of the Beat/Riddim/Jingle competition is…… (drumroll) DJ QUIEN of the OI MAS BASS Collective from La Paz, Bolivia! With the Song ’Sin Pasaporte’ (without passport) we immedietily felt this was right song for our video, as it has Latin, Dubstep,  DnB and Bass influences. The OI MASS BASS collective receives one year free of ‘Promotor […]

Rhythm Travels Jingle competition

We are in the progress of making an informercial that describes our services. To this video clip we would like a “Beat”, “Riddim”, “Jingle” to give the video a better feeling. Send us a Private message to view the silent video. Winner will be proper credited and announced trough our social channels. ***DEADLINE*** MONDAY 6TH […]