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Ed at Sankeys MCR Ibiza |

Social Talk With Ed of Sankeys

One of the strongest nightclub brands within underground electronic music is Sankeys. Sankeys started out in Manchester in the basement of a Soap factory in 1994 and nearly went bankrupt within six months of its opening. Since then Sankeys has been under new ownership and numerous renovations establishing itself to become voted as the best […]

Bootshaus Köln |

Social Talk With Niclas of Bootshaus Nightclub

Bootshaus is a nightclub located in Cologne, Germany that not only books some of the biggest international DJ’s to Cologne but also brings their experience outside the venue with podcast, clothing, photos, videos and blog. They are certainly doing something good with a staggering 124,000+ Likes on Facebook, 3000+ on Youtube, 30000+ followers on Instagram. […]

Event Marketing |

How to Automate your Event Marketing

We’re a big fan of automating stuff on the internet. The website IFTTT is an incredible website that lets you connect various social medias together. Here’s what they say IFTTT is a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called “recipes”, which are triggered based on changes to other […]

How to invite all on Facebook?

Many of our friends organize events so we wanted to share a solution to invite all friends on Facebook quickly and without downloading an app. Open the event on facebook. Click on Show More Friends under Invite Friends Click “Choose From Your Friends” A popup will be opened, click on “all friends” on the left. […]