Parang Caribbean Christmas Music |

Listen to the Caribbean Christmas Music called Parang

We are all familiar with the classical Christmas music but in Trinidad & Tobago the Christmas music is called Parang! We at Rhythm Travels are passioned about music from all corners of the world and therefore have created a playlist with some great Caribbean Christmas Music     “Parang is a popular folk music originating […]

Best Nightclubs in Miami |

Miami Nightlife

Treehouse Treehouse brings all good vibes with the best deep house & techno format in Miami. We are super low key and a casual atmosphere. No need for fancy attire; your best dancing shoes are a must! Click here to view their upcoming events. FDR FDR, created by The Light Group is Delano’s new subterranean […]

"I'm tryna tell ya" documentary |

“I’m tryna tell ya” (documentary)

In spring 2012 an entourage from Don’ went to Chicago to document the Footwork Scene. A scene ingrained in the lineage of the City itself, filled with effervescent dancers, storytellers and beat makers. It was single handedly the most unique and in-depth tour we had ever experienced. They slept on floors, sofas and in dodgy […]

Sound Nightclub, Los Angeles |

Nightclub of the week: Sound Nightclub (Los Angeles)

  Sound was built with a simple philosophy: to bring a novel and always-evolving experience to nightlife in Hollywood. We worked with a “Dream Team” of designers, professionals, and industry specialists to create an environment based in cutting-edge visual and audio technology, musical formats, and interior design. Sound Nightclub brings a unique and innovative twist […]

The Movement of Baile Funk |


When I started to read about funk culture, it was in 2008, 2009 and the movement isn’t so expensive as it now. Few people were talking about it, the boom of funk mundial (with Diplo and Haaksman) was over, and there was just few producers making something with funk. The contact with original artists was […]

Roxy Nightclub |

Nightclub of the week: Roxy Club (Prague)

Roxy is one of Prague’s oldest and best-known clubs, and over the years has attracted big name DJ’s as well as bands. The slightly dilapidated interior and big open spaces gives Roxy more of a warehouse feel than a modern club, the rawness of it fitting the style of music. The dance floor is large, […]

Brixton Jamm, Nightclub, UK

Nightclub of the week: Brixton Jamm (London)

Jamm is one of Londons most prestigious Live Music and Clubbing venues. Located in the vibrant heart of Brixton, South London, Jamm is just 5 minutes walk from the tube, 2 minutes from the World famous Brixton Academy and is available for hire throughout the week and at weekends. Over the years we’ve played host […]

The Sounds of Rio De Janeiro |

The Sounds of Rio de Janeiro!

We have been waiting for a long time to drop this edition from Brazil. DJ Edgar who we featured last year in our Q&A blessed us with our latest #RhythmExplorer mix Vol.7 where we get to visit Brazil to explore the sounds of Baile Funk, Funk Carioca, Funk Ostentação and Rasteirinha! Read more about DJ […]

Kanzlei Nightclub, Zurich |

Nightclub of the week: Kanzlei Club (Zürich)

Kanzlei Club is one of the most influential nightlife Clubs in Zurich, Switzerland when it comes to urban music. A former gymnasium, which with its 20 years of existence transformed to one of the most prestigious clubs in the Swiss nightlife. From Thursday to Saturday will find parties and concerts with well-known local and international […]

Treehouse nightclub, Miami |

Nightclub of the week: Treehouse (Miami)

Treehouse is a lowkey and a casual atmosphere. No need for fancy attire instead they focus on giving you the best in Deep House and Techno music. Voted as one of DJ MAG’s top 100 best nightclubs so make sure you bring your best dancing shoes to Treehouse! View their upcoming events on: TREEHOUSE